Are you looking for a veterinarian in Salt Lake? Look no further! Our pet loving, talented staff at Wasatch Springs Animal Hospital enjoys caring for your Very Important Pet {VIP}. Contact us today to find out how we can be your veterinarian in Salt Lake City.

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Meet Our Staff

Salt Lake Veterinarian - WSAHDrBlotter

Michael S. Blotter DVM

Dr. Michael Blotter grew up outside of Utah. His parents are both from the Cache Valley area, but he was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. At a young age he found his love for animals, as he breed his two golden retrievers, Logan and Flaxen. Dr. Blotter received his undergraduate degree in Animal Science from BYU in 1986, where he met and married his sweetheart Shauna. They then went off to Vet School at the Ohio State University, where he graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) in 1990. After graduation, he did an internship in southern California working on animals of the “rich and famous”! His entry to private practice was in rural North Carolina, where he cared for large animals (primarily farm animals) for a year before moving his family to Utah in May of 1991. Dr. Blotter took over ownership of Wasatch Springs Animal Hospital in 2000, and is the sole practitioner here. Now a father of five, he has passed on his love of animals to his children, as each of his boys have worked along side him at the hospital. His youngest daughter loves to go to work with daddy, and can often be found at the front desk greeting your Very Important Pet {VIP}.


Salt Lake Veterinarian - WSAHannette

Annette, Office Manager

Annette is from Salt Lake City, Utah and has worked with Wasatch Springs Animal Hospital since December of 1978. She loves meeting and greeting the Very Important Pet {VIP}, as well as the personal connection with their persons. She is the proud parent of a Brown Standard Poodle, named Maddie. She is also a mother of three and a grandmother of seven; and they all have pets of their own too.


Salt Lake Veterinarian - WSAHmarkelle

Markelle, Vet Tech

Markelle is from Salt Lake City, Utah and has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Wasatch Springs Animal Hospital. Her favorite things about working with your Very Important Pet {VIP} are dental cleanings, assisting Dr. Blotter with surgeries, and simply helping sick animals feel better… not to mention the perks of snuggling all the cute puppies and kittens. She is the proud parent of two miniature Schnauzers, named Harley and Hannah.

Meet Our Office Pets

Lorenzo is our Yellow Naped Amazon office bird. He is 28-years-old, and loves being the center of attention in the office. And although he loves the attention, he also loves his personal space and not being touched.

Salt Lake Veterinarian - WSAH


Max is our grey tabby office cat. He is five years old, and has greeted Wasatch Springs Animal Hospital clients since he was a kitten. He loves to see everyone that comes in, even if it’s from behind the counter... or plants.


Salt Lake Veterinarian - WSAH


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